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Let’s Go Surfing T-shirt competition

This one is dedicated to all my loyal followers. So there has been a lack of new designs this last week. But I have a new excuse this week! A friend of mine… Continue reading

‘Dia de Boney-Bob-os’ has arrived at REDBUBBLE

Finally, after much pushing from some of my friends, I’ve put one of my designs on REDBUBBLE. ‘Dia de Boney-Bob-os’ was lucky enough to be the first but by means will be the… Continue reading

T-Shirt Designs, Week 5: Mr Roboto

I’m finally back this week with a whole new design. As I said in my last post, I’ve been busy the past week coming up with new designs however I haven’t been able… Continue reading

T-Shirt Designs, Week 4.5: ???

So this week I missed my weekly update, not through a lack of designs, but through a lack of access to photoshop. I’ve been staying at various relatives houses around Sydney, none of… Continue reading

T-Shirt Designs, Week 4: ‘MauL’

  It seems I’m finally starting to catch up on all my work. In two days time I’ll give an 8 minute presentation on the amount of Australian made content aired on the… Continue reading

T-Shirt Designs, Week 3: ‘Boney Bob’

Only just into week three and already I’m finding myself falling behind in some of my university work.  I do have some legitimate excuses as to why but that’s for another post. This… Continue reading

T-Shirt Designs, Week 2: ‘Boba Fettography’

Here we go week two has arrived. Being the first week back I had a pretty cruisey week at uni, just some simple introductory lectures to kick start the semester. Finding time to put… Continue reading

T-Shirt Designs, Week 1: ‘Meditation’

It’s coming to that time of the year when university finally goes back. Last year I found my commitment to art for pleasure died off as assignment time rolled in. To keep me… Continue reading