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Beau Preston

Hello world, my name is Beau Preston. Follow me on Instagram @Beauypres



Why make a Blog?

Well I was kind of forced into it for a university assignment, but now I use it to display some of my work, hobbies and general interests.

What do I do?

I’m currently a student at the University of Newcastle in my third year of a bachelor of communication. I’m majoring in Media Production.

What are my interests?

I have a diverse interest in arts of many forms. I love drawing, painting, sculpting, film, music and more. My passion for art stems from my respect and enjoyment of the creative process. Often I find myself more intrigued and enveloped in particular art works because of the stories behind their creation.

Arts aside, I’d also like to express my long love for history which almost equals my passion for art. Modern history, WWI and on is where my main interests lie. In year 12 extension history, I wrote my 3000 word research project on Holocaust Denial. It outlined the dangers of such false histories on society, and the psychological damage it can cause to Holocaust survivors and their families. In my Web Multi-Media course I built a little interactive website aimed at educating youth about Holocaust Denial.

Other interests include football (soccer) which I’ve played for 13 years, skateboarding, and then of course when it comes to summer I’m a huge beach bum like most Aussies.

Where do I see myself after university?

I hope to one day attach myself to a TV, film or multimedia production house. Since I have such a broad range of interests, I have proven thus far to be highly capable and adaptable across many areas of production. Be it camera operating, sound recording, editing,  story writing, or even graphic design. I feel there are many exciting opportunities ahead.

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