Design Project: 1st Draft









This semester at university, I’ve taken a graphics design course as an elective. The project is, to as a class, create a magazine. Each student writes an article, and provides graphic representation to accompany it. The following pages are the result of our classes first InDesign session. At beginning of the day, most of us begun with little to no experience with InDesign, yet everyone walked out with their first draft layout. So far my written story is near complete, however the imagery is still in progress. The main purpose of this draft was to create a layout, plus further experiment with colour and images. The Skull and circle pattern will eventually be replaced with drawings that are more representative of the story.

These are just small images, a PDF is available here:  Children in Detention


Beau Preston children in detention

Beau Preston children in detention2 Beau Preston children in detention3

Beau Preston children in detention4 Beau Preston children in detention5