Sugar Skull


Bar tending in Sydney’s often chaotic Kings Cross district, has allowed me to meet many colourful and interesting people. Drunks, drug addicts and other questionable characters aside, I met a nice Swedish girl working in the cafe across the road, during my pre work coffee ritual. Although English may be her second language, her speech was easier to interpret than that of any drunken Irish that stumbled through the bar (no offence to any Irish out there). This girl is slowly but surely building a sweet tattoo sleeve, it borders a little on the hipster side, but funky none the less. A little sugar skull caught my eye on the inside of her arm. Always looking for inspiration, I took a quick snap on my phone, then drew this A4 size version. Even though the general design was simple, I underestimated how long the stippling shading would take. Easy, but tedious. Next time I think I’ll try something on an even bigger scale, but with a more intricate design.