The North Remembers

The North Remembers grey scale


**** Game of Thrones Spoilers for episodes proceeding Season 4 Episode 2****



It seems weddings in Westeros are never a dull affair (except sometimes by Dothraki standards), the purple wedding was no exception. Just like the red wedding, this came as total surprise to me. Even while the credits rolled, I thought to myself, “It can’t be”, “it was too easy”. But alas, the good King Joffrey Baratheon was poisoned at his own wedding and died in the arms of his mother and father/uncle. A moment of silence is in order… Wait, what am I talking about, pull out your favourite bottle of port and lets party!  Ding dong the king is dead, which old king, the wicked king, ding dong the wicked king is dead!!!

So that’s one down, plenty more Lannister’s to go. Oh how I do hope those poor Starks get their revenge…