Michigan State


Since arriving back in Australia, hardly a day has gone by that I haven’t thought about my time in Michigan. Whether by site of a glass ornament, word of winter, or Facebook post from one of the many fantastic people I met on my adventure, I’m constantly bombarded with imagery that transports me back to that winter paradise.

Although the weather here is warm, and the beach is serene as ever, still I shut my eyes and picture the beautiful landscape of snow-covered forests. I think of the mad dash cross-country skiing through Boyne national park, hurrying down the trail in an attempt to make it to the car before being engulfed by dark. I think of the cold wind rushing through my exposed hair skiing on the downhill. I think of the warmth in my hands from the handlebars of the snow mobile, as I roared down beside the highway at 60mph. I think of shovelling snow from driveways and shirtless snow angels (don’t get too excited, I couldn’t convince any girls to join me). I remember all the fantastic American food I gorged on, and I’m proud of the fact that I only put on 5kg. I remember meeting some incredible people, people dedicated to community service and the betterment of their fellow man through the fantastic work of Lions Clubs International.

During my stay, the Michigan State University football team played in the 100th Rose Bowl and won what was, (at least for this Aussie) a thrilling game. This drawing is a tribute to a great game, a great team, but more importantly, to the great two months I spent in the beautiful state of Michigan. Thank you to everyone I met, in particular, a shout out to the Lions Club of Auburn Williams, the kids at Valley Lutheran and Bay City Western High, and most importantly, the Van Tol family who so graciously hosted me.

Thank you, I can’t wait to visit again.