Who’s that Pokemon?


Feeling a little nostalgic…

Surfing through the monotonous memes, pictures and status’s on Facebook, I chance upon a classic image from my childhood.  Those who grew up watching the first season of Pokemon should remember, before every ad break a screen would pop up. There’d be a nice colourful background, some funky music, and the black silhouette of a random Pokemon in the foreground. The text would goad you to guess the name of the Pokemon before the ad break was over. Following the ads, the mystery Pokemon would be revealed. Of course no one actually needed the full break to guess the name, most people could pick the Pokemon within three seconds. I remember as a child, priding myself on the fact that I could name every Pokemon from number 1 to 151.  Now days, I couldn’t name the first three by memory. Never the less, feeling a little nostalgic on a long train ride, I felt it was time to draw my first Pokemon in years. I used draw a pretty mean Voltorb back in the day, but here’s my version of number 69, can you name this Pokemon!?

Just for laughs, here’s the meme that kicked off my nostalgic journey.