Eden in Michigan

appropration of sarahs window


Finding Eden in a winters paradise. With negative temperatures induced by the polar vortex, ’tis the perfect conditions for hibernation inside the warmly den. The ideal environment for jamming out to the soothing, electronic sounds, of Chet Faker and Flume as I create some fluid, warm, abstract textures. As my stay in icy, windy, snow covered Michigan draws to a close, I prepare myself for my eventual return to the sunburned nation I call home, Australia. Inspired by good friend and glass maker Sarah Vantol, I created this graphic by incorporating some of her  intricate designs and vibrant colour palette. During my stay, I’ve learned so much about her artist practice, and work within the glass medium, thus allowing myself to grow and gain a new appreciation for such a fascinating and intricate art from. For that I am eternally grateful, thank you Sarah Vantol.