Dream Halloween costume: Darth Maul


With a couple of Halloween parties coming up, I ask myself, what would my dream costume be? Every time I come to the same conclusion, Darth Maul. But I don’t simply want a bit of face paint and black robes. No, I want the full top half of my body painted in the Sith Lords iconic, red and black markings. I imagine myself intensely throwing robes aside, clutching the crimson double ended lightsaber, then pulling a series of aerobatic martial arts moves, akin to the prowess of Darth Maul actor Ray Park. Of course in reality, I’d struggle to pull aside the robes in any menacing sort of fashion, I’d probably hit myself swinging that double edged sword around, then land on my head if I tried any sort of flips. But one can dream…

As much as I’d love to dress up as Darth Maul, I’d equally want to do the painting. Drawing on myself is a bit of an old time procrastination habit. It began with drawing basic little patterns on my hands in class, but has now evolved into intricate designs that have been known to cover large areas of my chest, arms and thighs. Surprisingly I have no tattoos. Drawing on my face however is another story, although I’ve only tried it once, my brain struggled to register where to move my hands based on the mirror image I was seeing of myself. So if anyone would like to dress up as Darth Maul for Halloween, or any other costumed event for that matter, give me call, be my human guinea pig and let me experiment on you…hahaha (evil laugh).