What’s His Story! ~ creative writing competition


A lot of people liked my previous drawing with this cute little character, but now coming up to Halloween, things seemed to have gotten a little darker and a little spookier for the poor little guy.

Rather than tell you what I think his story is, I’d like to invite you out there to create one. It can be a simple one liner or a short story, I want your response! What i’m really interested in is different audience interpretations of the same image. I want to see how creative and imaginative people can be. After a month I’ll choose my favourite and repost the image with its new story. The winner will get full credit and I’d love link back to the winning bloggers page (if you have a blog) in the post. Also if the winner is willing, I’d love to create a follow up post with some questions and answers to give everyone some insight into their creative process.

To get as many responses as possible, I’d love it if you could repost or share this around your various social media hubs. If you know anyone interested in creative story writing let them know, encourage them to have a crack.

Best of luck everyone, I can’t wait to see the responses.


Beau Preston