The Australian Summer

With Hundreds of fires appearing over NSW, the fire season is certainly here. On my way to university, there appeared to be only one main fire off in the distance with clear blue sky in every other direction. Yet three hours later the sky was covered in a layer of hazy brown smoke. Here’s the view from my backyard on sunset, the blue about to be swallowed up by the ever growing wall of smoke. This is day one.


The appreciation for the danger and power possessed by these beasts of destruction are all to familiar to my family and I. Whilst holidaying in Tasmania, we were trapped on the Port Arthur Peninsula for six days without power. Although hundreds were evacuated by boat, we stayed. Thanks to Wally, owner of the Port Arthur Villas, we at least had beds to sleep in each night. Hundreds more were camped out in the Port Arthur Historical site. People could be found sleeping everywhere from grass ovals to cafe floors, truly a once in a life time spectacle.  Every night we slept to thick black skies and everyday we woke to blankets of fallen ash. Although living in danger for a short time, we never lived with the fear of losing our homes, our schools, our businesses, or our community. Once the roads off the peninsula were clear, it was apparent the small town of Dunalley was in ashes. Leaving in a Police escorted convoy, we witnessed the terrible power that is Australian bush fires. I took hundreds of photos which now serve as a stark reminder of the sheer force of fires.

Here’s hoping everyone stays safe this summer. If you live in Australia, always remember to stay updated with your local fire service and spare a thought for those brave men and women risking their lives to save others.

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