Mondrian’s AT-AT

Mondrian ATAT

Take a bucket of Mondrian and a dash of AT-AT (All Terrain Attack Transport) and you get Mondrian’s AT-AT. I know there’s already a plethora of appropriations of Mondrian’s classic ‘Composition’ works but why not add one more to the mix. My high school art teacher first introduced me to the Dutch painters during the concept stage of my final body of work.  Those who’ve been following my blog would notice that most of my work utilises simple block colour schemes. My love of simplistic design was really solidified during the creation of my final body of work for art, of which I incorporated many of Mondrian’s design elements.

Now that was nearly three years ago, yet this is my first direct appropriation since then. My original work was a large scale 3D painting, this however was completely digital. Whilst watching The Empire Strikes back with my younger brother I got the urge to draw some AT-AT’s. Sick of all the black white and grey drawings I’d been doing of late I decide to make something with a little colour. Being the lazy, simplistic person I am, I settled on using the primary colours. Before I knew it, my work was evolving into Mondrian’s classic. By that point I decided I might as well go all out and make it a straight up appropriation. So here it is, Mondrian’s AT-AT