Hearts A Mess

Hearts a mess.psd

Since finally getting Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator I’ve started going back and playing around with some of my old drawings. Today was such a chilled out Sunday, typical of an ordinary Australian summers day (even though we’re still in spring).  I managed to go to the beach twice, skate around my street and play around with this little drawing. No one would think I have a university assignment due tomorrow morning…

Follow this link and you can see the original hand drawing I posted back in July. For those who don’t know, this drawing was inspired by the music video to Gotye’s song ‘Hearts a Mess’. I still think it’s a brilliant song, so if you haven’t yet heard it, please check it out.

PS, just so everyone knows I do know how to spell ‘Heart’s’. According to Gotye’s Vimeo channel, there’s no apostrophe before the ‘s’ in the song tittle.