Same Love


I’ve been a little busy the last few days. I went to Sydney to watch Manchester United vs A-league Allstars and since coming home I’ve had multiple meetings and Skype calls as I help organise an upcoming project. Needless to say I’ve still managed to get some drawing in.

Following the song lyric motif of some of my more recent posts, this drawing was inspired by Macklemore’s song ‘Same Love‘. The song delivers a powerful message about the importance of gay rights and marriage equality. Already, many other countries allow same sex marriage but sadly my home country of Australia is lagging behind. In the coming months we will have a federal election and one of the parties in contention has pledged to hold a referendum on same-sex marriage if they form government. This is the closest we’ve been to passing it to law.

Always remember, you can be straight and support gay rights. Be sure to check the Facebook page I’m Australian and I support gay rights and give them a like to show your support.