Inside the fire of a thousand suns


Keeping with the musical theme, today’s little drawing is inspired by Linkin Park’s album ‘A Thousand Suns’. So long as there is a proliferation of nuclear arms, the potential for nuclear holocaust will exist. The ability for the decision of one to cause the death of untold millions is a frightening prospect the world has lived with since the Cold War. Sadly this reality is one that will not likely end until it’s to late.

Again, like the past few days this drawing incorporates pencil and pen. It’s also the first time I’ve drawn a naked human figure, was kind of scary. It’s like sure, I’ve seen a girl naked, but how the hell are you meant to draw one. I was so paranoid about the boobs, still not happy with how they turned out. Anyway enough excuses poor my figure, I’m sorry women.

Have a nice day, enjoy!

Beau Preston