Heart-Shaped Box


I’m about two hours into a road trip up to Port Maquarie for a 3 day fishing trip. Already I’ve finished my first little drawing. Like my last drawing, this one was inspired by a song I’d been listening to a lot lately, thanks to Triple J’s hottest 100 of the last 20 years. Until the countdown I never realised this particular song was released the year I was born… Just saying 1993 was a pretty dam good year!

Quite obviously inspired by Nirvana’s ‘Heart-Shaped Box’, This is an appropriation of an image I found on google (sorry I can’t give it proper credit, I took a screenshot of the image on my phone months ago). I’m quite fascinated by the lyrics to this song. I honestly have no idea what they mean, but they sound like the words of a sick, tortured, disturbed person. I’d go as far as saying Kurt Cobain is a lyrical genius… of a sort. I scribbled down the verses, the bumpy road further distorting my handwriting and accentuating the chaotic, scribbly nature of piece.

The simple combination of pencil and pen shading was something I’ve never really done before so it was nice trying something new. I love challenging myself with styles and mediums.

Ps, sorry for the dodgy photo. It’s kinda hard to get a photo with the car bouncing around.