Hearts a mess

Similar to yesterdays effort, once again I found myself watching some below mediocre TV. This time, at the request of my aunty, we watched ‘Bold and the Beautiful’. I honestly didn’t know the show still ran. I still remember going to my nans when I was 8 years old and thinking “this show is crap”. In 11 years the show hasn’t changed, seems like the same plot just with a few new actors…

Anyway enough of that junk…To keep my myself busy through the hour I decided draw.

Today’s effort was inspired by Gotye’s song ‘hearts a mess’. I only just rediscovered this song after hearing it again on Triple J’s hottest 100 of the last 20 years. The vocals on that tack are incredible to say the least. The film clip accompanying this track is so unique, the art style simplistic, cute, yet dark at same time. What appeals to me most is my interpretation of the lyrics. Although it probably differs to the song writers intention, it seems to quite accurately sum up aspects of my own state of mind. I guess my drawing is little tribute to that fantastic piece.

This drawing was a type of trial, I hope to create a bigger one that more accurately reflects the many aspects of the song.