Holidays = more time for Thrones!


It’s that time of year again, university is once again finally on break. After what was probably my favourite semester thus far, I sure am glad to once again have the time to be creative and have fun without the worry of handing in assignments almost every other week.

So what exactly does one do with two months off? Well so far, within the first week of holidays I’ve re-watched the the first two seasons of Game of Thrones and am about halfway through the third.

As this is my first time revisiting the old episodes I’d forgotten how awesome Ned Stark was. Why’d he have to die!? Even though it was my second time watching, I was still waiting for someone to step up and save poor old Ned but alas it was not meant to be. I feel sorry for poor old Sean Bean, he always seems to get killed off so early. First he dies by taking three arrows to the chest (whilst trying to save my two favourite Hobbits), then this time he looses his head because the king is a jerk. Man I hate Joffrey, I’m really hoping Arya puts a knife through his eye one day (I haven’t yet read the books so please so spoilers).

Now I’m only up to episode 3 of season 3, but already I’m dreading the red wedding scene. The first time watching the series through I’d lost interest in Rob Stark, but seeing his reaction to Ned’s death reminded me of what he was fighting for. It just makes the red wedding scene all the more deplorable. I love the Starks but dam, they’ve been dealt such a rough hand. I thought Sansa seeing her fathers head on a spike was bad, but nothing screamed brutality more than when Arya saw her brothers headless corpse paraded through the devastated Stark camp with his dire wolf’s head attached to his neck with spears. Fingers crossed Joffrey doesn’t get his way and delivers Rob’s head on a plate to Sansa, but of course it wouldn’t surprise me if he does. I cringe thinking about re-watching those last two episodes.

As a tribute to that poor house, I thought I’d have a go at drawing their  sigil. I started with just the basic wolfs head, (picture above) then I experimented a little more, adding my own interpretation to the one below. Both are just pencil and were drawn on one of my many train rides to Newcastle to Sydney and back. At the moment I’m working on another version of the sigil, this time a bigger and more colourful version (thank you sharpie textas). Unfortunately I’m still lacking in photoshop, but hopefully I’ll get it some time these holidays. I’m keen to add some Game of Thrones designs to my t-shirt gallery.

The holidays… a time for unlimited procrastination!