Kind words

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As I mentioned in my previous post, TV production has been one of my greatest experiences at university. Just this week I received my marks from the course. So what did I get?…. High Distinction!! After all that hard work I was so proud to be rewarded with some fantastic marks. Now unlike other courses, the assignment mark is generated by peer review (with a little help from our tutor). We’re given a ratings sheet to mark our peers with a comment form at the bottom. Whilst completing this form I didn’t realise fellow students would see the comments people wrote about each other… luckily I had fantastic, enthusiastic people in the class so I got to write some really nice things. What I wasn’t ready for was all the encouraging comments I received from my peers. Honestly, reading all the comments made my day.  It’s so nice to know your work is appreciated and although I don’t go into this sort of work expecting any thank yous, it’s always such a warm feeling to when you do get it. It’s amazing the power a few kind words can have. Always remember to thank those around you for the work they do, it might just make their day.

Here’s all the kind words my classmates had to say about me. I don’t know who said what but I loved every word. Thank you so much ‘Morning Blow‘ crew, you guys are the greatest and I can’t wait to work with you all again soon!!!!


Beau has taken part in all the ‘after class’ shooting we have done and made a very good tree.”

Beau has been helpful towards the project through his willingness to volunteer and jump in when others would not. He provided great performances as a car park tree and jumped in as our salesperson when the original couldn’t perform, providing a performance which is the highlight of his segments.”

Beau completed his roles as expected and helped out with the supernatural segment and jumped in last minute for the fandom segment.”

Beau was always enthusiastic and eager to help in all the roles that he took on but what really impressed me was when he helped out in the Fandom Infomercial. After Sean was sick and announced he couldn’t present anymore Beau could see that I was freaking out about trying to replace Sean. Beau was really good at assuring me that everything would be fine and that he could take over. His mum then informed me that he eagerly got to work and learnt his lines, though I don’t think Beau would openly admit it. :P I was really impressed with his help from a professional and a friend level.”

Beau has been very active in class and outside of class. He always makes himself available and has great suggestions”

I didn’t work particularly closely with Beau at any stage, other than when he acted in a few segments, but he stood out to me solely on the number of things he put a hand up for that nobody else was able to take on. In addition to his job on camera, Beau appeared in three segments, one as a major role. I really feel like Beau has gone to a lot of effort to ensure that our program was the best it could be, and he did it brilliantly. He was never idle and was always looking for something else that he could be doing, even jumping in and taking on a major camera role when Sean fell sick at the last minute. Based solely on that positive attitude to his work, I have the highest respect for Beau as a teammate and look forward to working more closely with him in the future.”

Great to work with. You did a fantastic job stepping in as Rodger Robertson, even though you were probably feeling a bit under pressure. Your contributions to class segments really helped shape the show.”

Beau was a fellow camera operator and zombie. He worked well on what ever role he was given.”

Well done to him for stepping in at the last minute for the Fandom Infomercial.”

Beau was great to work with in the studio. He stayed calm throughout all the stress and fuss of the shoots and especially the final output day!”

I would love to work with Beau again.”

I would work with this person again in another group”

Beau volunteered for many roles, particularly on screen, and really put in the effort when doing so. He was a great cameraman as always.”

Beau worked well as a camera operator and adapted well to reading an unfamiliar script.”

Although I didn’t have much contact with you during the production I thought your acting of a tree and in the infomercial was very good. Cheers.”

Beau helped with writing, acting and camera operating and took on a lot of work. He was really great when Briana was upset and did an awesome job”

Beau, You are so great in so many ways! You were one of the most committed members of the class and were always there to help others out when they needed it! I hope you do very well when you receive your marks because you deserve it! Thank you.”

Again beau was another person I didn’t get to work with during the external filmed segments but during studio time he was punctual, friendly and cooperative and willing to help out in other areas if necessary and was a good sport to come in last minute to be guest presenter during the prerecord end fandom segment.   Lovely to work with and would be happy to work with him again.”

was great helping out in almost every area of the show. would love to work with beau again”