Embarking on a New Journey

Here’s the first post of what I hope to many from my best mates, dad. This top Aussie bloke is not a only a great photographer but a truly amazing artist. Now he is an old school photographer meaning no photoshop is used in any of his images. Sadly photographers like that are a rare occurrence these days. His career has taken him many places and now in retirement, I look forward to seeing much more work from this prolific man. A website showcasing his works should be dropping in the month so stay tuned, give him a follow and watch his blog evolve.

Brad Lambert Photography

To begin with let me start with an honest proclamation – this whole world of blogging, websites and social networking is unknown and uncharted territory for me. Of course I can navigate around cyberspace when I need to, but actually manipulating it to suit my own purposes is all new and exciting to me.

The photography journey I have embarked upon is by no means new to me and has consumed an inordinate amount of my life. It’s just the sharing of my latest work with the wider world that is a new adventure.

I guess you could say my inspiration for this new endeavour came over the Christmas period of 2012 when I stumbled across the Ken Duncan Photo Awards competition, calling for images promoting the beauty of the NSW Central Coast region. Having spent a lot of my youth on the coast, and returning there weekly to visit…

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