Let’s Go Surfing T-shirt competition

At peaceflower skull Let's go surfing with Mr Roboto

This one is dedicated to all my loyal followers.

So there has been a lack of new designs this last week. But I have a new excuse this week! A friend of mine told me about a T-shirt competition being hosted by a local company called ‘Lets Go Surfing’. Their main focus is providing quality surf lessons on Australia’s famous Bondi beach but they’ve also branched out into apparel. That’s where the competition comes in. So this week I’ve been busy coming up with some new designs to submit. The winning design will be printed and sold in their stores.

Here are the titles in order from left to right ‘At Peace’, ‘Flower Face’ and ‘Let’s Go Surfing with Mr Roboto’. Each one as always began with a simple sharpie drawing then touched up and refined on Photoshop. The first two was pretty straight forward, the third was a different story. Realising I had no real ‘surfy’ designs it was back to the drawing board (literally). I utilised one of my previous designs Mr Roboto as the main subject matter. Originally my plan was to simply use the drawing I’d already done and tweak it a little on photoshop, however I soon realised that was easier said that done. Solution? Start again. I drew my anime style robot again completely from scratch, simplifying the design and changing some of the Japanese words to make them a little more ‘surf friendly’ if you know what I mean. Now the wave itself was actually an entirely different drawing. I simply merged the two in Photoshop, breaking the image apart into layers to give Roboto there a sense of actually being in the picture. Now I have to thank my good friend Jack Lambert and his Dad for letting me use photoshop at their place. Sadly still I don’t have it myself, price being the main sticking point. Without the two of them I never would of finished and submitted these designs before the deadline. So again thank you.

Apart from using this post to showcase my new designs, I’d really appreciate it if people could like them on Facebook by clicking this link. The more likes, the greater chance to win! As long time followers may know I’ve been through some rough times the last couple of months so winning this truly would mean a lot to me. So please take two seconds to jump on Facebook, give them a like.

Thank you very much to all who help out. If you go over and like them let know, I want know all those who help me out :)


Beau Preston