‘Dia de Boney-Bob-os’ has arrived at REDBUBBLE

Tribal Skull banner ipad caseFinally, after much pushing from some of my friends, I’ve put one of my designs on REDBUBBLE. ‘Dia de Boney-Bob-os’ was lucky enough to be the first but by means will be the last, eventually I’ll have all my designs up on their website available for purchase in many forms. This design is available in prints, Ipod and Iphone cases, and will shortly be available on shirts (just waiting to get to a computer with Photoshop so I can save the file in the right size/format).

The reason it has taken so long, and why I only have one design up, is I’ve had to go back and reformat many of my designs. Some I’ve had to virtually go back the the orignal scans to ensure there’s been no loss of quality during the editing process. A long slow process, but hopefully worth it in the long run.

So anyway with that said be following me on REDBUBBLE to stay updated on what’s available.

On a side note, if everything goes according to plan I should have a new design up by tomorrow or Monday. Fingers crossed everything goes according to plan, although nothing in my life seems to be. Crazy world we live in…