T-Shirt Designs, Week 5: Mr Roboto

Mr Robboto shirt and back

I’m finally back this week with a whole new design. As I said in my last post, I’ve been busy the past week coming up with new designs however I haven’t been able to post them due my photoshop trial running out. Yesterday at my dads I came up with the brilliant idea to download the trial at his place. So here we are, week 5’s T-shirt blog.

‘Mr Roboto’ is a couple months old now. The original drawing marks a key moment in my life. After my girlfriend of nearly 3 years broke up with me, I was depressed. I lost motivation to do anything, even drawing; a pass time activity which so often provided comfort when feeling down, seemed like torture. I went on like this for nearly month although It seemed like years at the time. In my main drawing book there was a simple pencil sketch left there by my ex. After the break up I couldn’t bare to bring myself to tear out the page nor rub it out. I couldn’t just leave it and turn the page either on, I couldn’t move forward. My girlfriend meant the world to me, she was my inspiration, she fulled my creatively for so long, in the end she left a dark hole. So this drawing was born out of those intense emotions. As a compromise to move forward, I drew over the top of the pencil sketch left by my ex, making it into my own work, giving it detail and new meaning. The Japanese characters exemplify my very thoughts at the time, however I wont reveal the translation. Just know it does mean something.


This drawing reignited my passion for creativity. This drawing was proof to myself that I could move on and find new inspiration. This drawing marked a new stage in my life. I began for the first time to look forward, I appreciated what I had, what I still have and what I will accomplish in the future. Now I can’t claim that a simple drawing did all this, it was through close support from my family and friends. They were there helping me, reassuring me that everything will be ok when i felt my world was over. Although they may not see this blog, I’d like to thank my best mate Lucas, my cousin James and my sister Monique for being there for me when I needed it. Never had I felt worse in my life, having people like you there pushed me through those hard times to point where I can once again be myself. Finally but most importantly I’d like to thank my dad Chris Preston, he is the rock, the stability in my life, having him as a loving, caring father did so much to get me where I am now. Knowing he’s always there for me, knowing that he’d been through very much the same as I had gave me confidence and motivation to move forward. If wasn’t for these people I may still of been in the same state I was before this drawing. Thank you.

So there you have it, the back story to this design, a little longer than usual but important (at least to me) none the less. Please enjoy and leave any questions or comments.



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