More Playschool in the Studio

Once again I find myself in the studio shooting our familiar Playschool scene. Although we essentially shot the same scene, this week we swapped studio roles, giving everyone an opportunity to try something different. After being voluntarily stuck in the control room the previous week, I decided this time I’d get out onto the studio floor and have a go at being camera operator.

I took to this job with much enthusiasm. Handling the giant camera was great fun, although I only had one shot, it involved tracking up and down which was slightly more movement than the other cameras. A simple but enjoyable task. What some people may not know is the cameras man has little to no creative freedom, their constantly listening carefully through their headset for direction from both the director and stage manager. The key is to remember your camera movements, and perform on cue. So long as you do your job right, the vision mixer should have a simple time cutting fluently from shot to shot.

Beside camera operating, I also had the opportunity to partake in the glamorous job of teleprompter… It was about as exciting as it sounds.  The equipment used as a mini Ipad which blue-toothed to a regular Ipad attached to the camera. All you have to do in this job is make sure the text scrolls down the page at steady pace for the actors to fluently read. Not the most riveting job but a new experience none the less.

I’m Looking forward to the next lesson, not sure what we’ll be shooting, maybe a news segment or something, but at least it’ll be something new. Can’t wait!