T-Shirt Designs, Week 4: ‘MauL’


Maul Pattern shirt

It seems I’m finally starting to catch up on all my work. In two days time I’ll give an 8 minute presentation on the amount of Australian made content aired on the ABC, then the day after I’ll give a 5 minute project pitch for a website I’m designing. After those I’ll be free as mid semester break is early this year (thank you early Easter). With all that stuff going on I honestly had no time to create a whole new design, so I kind of cheated a bit. But only a bit.

This design ‘MauL’, was something I drew about four years ago. Quite obviously inspired by the character Darth Maul from Star Wars Episode I. Yes even back then I was obsessed with Star Wars. The drawing began on a summer holiday up the coast with my Dad. Usually we’d spend everyday at the beach, but this time it was raining. Not just bit. It absolutely pored down for Maul Pattern bannerdays.Where we were was just a little country town in the middle of nowhere. Other than the beach there was absolutely nothing else to do. Having already watched the five movies on video and sick of annoying my brother and sister, I decided to do a drawing on paint. Yes paint. Remember that old pc program that was stock on all windows computers. I decided to do my drawing on that. Back then my laptop was new and Vista had just been released. That didn’t make the drawing any easier… I wouldn’t recommend drawing on paint to anyone, unless of course they have hours upon hours with nothing else to do. Such a tedious job with such basic tools, repetitive and boring are my most common thoughts about that work.

Well ok maybe it wasn’t that bad, it did give me something to do for a day or so. Anyway, I found the old file, popped it into photoshop, whacked it onto a T-shirt, then bada-bing bada-boom, week four’s T-shirt design. Hopefully next week I’ll get to something a little more recent.