T-Shirt Designs, Week 3: ‘Boney Bob’

Tribal skull shirtTribal Skull bannerOnly just into week three and already I’m finding myself falling behind in some of my university work.  I do have some legitimate excuses as to why but that’s for another post. This weeks post is a couple of days late but hopefully by next week I’ll be back on top of things… hopefully being the key work.

Now this design ‘Boney Bob’ was influenced by a drawing my cousin drew. She’s five years younger than me so I was quite taken back by the amount of detail she depicted, so I asked if I could appropriate it.  In my rendition I incorporated some Día de Muertos (the Mexican Day of the Dead) style elements, although  a lot of that particular detail was lost during photoshop editing process as I tried to simplify the image. Día de Muertos has always fascinated me, I love the the costumes people come up with especially the intricate makeup/face painting jobspeople do. Now I’ve never put makeup on myself let alone anyone else, but I’d love to paint someones face in that style, maybe for Halloween or something. There’s nothing I enjoy more than experimenting artistically in different mediums.

This weeks post is just a short, I’ve got so much work to do over the next two weeks, mid semester break can’t come soon enough.