T-Shirt Designs, Week 2: ‘Boba Fettography’

Fettography shirtFettography LogoHere we go week two has arrived. Being the first week back I had a pretty cruisey week at uni, just some simple introductory lectures to kick start the semester. Finding time to put this together was no struggle at all. This shirt is ‘Boba Fettography’. For those may be wondering, yes, I know how to spell photography. For the people who aren’t so into Star Wars, the tittle is a play on words, ‘Boba Fett’ combined with photography, hence… Boba Fettography. This design began as a photo of me wearing my little brothers Boba Fett helmet. At the time I was at a friends house messing with his dads old cameras, this one was my favorite. The giant flash attachment looked so cool, although I was so afraid of dropping it. The old thing felt so fragile. Like my previous design I put the images through photoshop and tweaked them until I was satisfied. I actually tweaked this image last year some time, I just changed little bits here and there to make it more eye catching on a T-shirt. Most of my drawings are usually quite devoid of colour, preferring blacks and whites. This time I wanted to make something a little more colourful, something a little more cheerful. Everyone needs some colour in their life. Hope you people out there like this, it’s a little different, little more quirky than my usual style so enjoy. Shoot through any questions or comments and feel free to link people to my page, that would be greatly appreciated.