Star Wars the Clone Wars, Season 5 finale

Final Goodbyes

For anyone who hasn’t been watching Star Wars the Clone Wars, you are missing out on some of the greatest animation in history, tv or film. Not only is there ground breaking visuals seen through extravagant environments, character expressions and lighting, but also high quality story telling combined with legendary sound design which makes this my favourate show on tv. So if your not caught up with the show, stop reading this and go watch the series!…

That rant aside, I shall now begin the post I set out to write.

Each and every week my two brothers and I pick out a day to watch this fantastic show together. My youngest brother is 6, the next 15 and me, I’m 19. We cover a pretty diverse age range so when we talk about each episode after viewing, it is usually easy to gauge the success of a particular episode. Needless to say this last story arc was one of the best. The season finale ‘The Wrong Jedi’ I believe had the most lasting emotional effects and the longest post-show talk out of any episode. The pure shock and emotional stress came as an avalanche as the credits began to roll. Instead of the traditional Clone Wars theme, Ashoka’s theme song played played in the background. This is the first time in the series that end score had changed, this only exemplified the gravity of events just unfolded. For those first 30 seconds of credits, all three of us were fixated on the screen, all three of us frozen with shock. What had we just seen? Had Ahsoka Tano really just left the Jedi Order? The whole time I’d been preparing myself to see her die in a blaze of glory, but instead it seems the creators had other plans. Did the Clone Wars team seriously just pull this off, supervising director Dave Filoni hinted that this arc was big for Ahsoka, but never did any of us expect this outcome.

Still frozen by shock my youngest brother finally broke the silence, “that was like when Savage died”. {To give that statement a bit of context, in a previous episode, ‘The Lawless‘, after a long hard battle with Darth Sidious, Savage Opress was brutally killed battle infront of his brother Maul. This scene left my youngest brother in tears as he watched one of his favourite characters be murdered right before his eyes.} I looked over to my youngest brother to catch the tears running down his face as he processed in his young mind the depth of Ahsoka’s brave decision. This solidified in my mind how powerful a show this has become, how great an impact the characters have on us fans. The fact the creators could elicit such an emotional reaction from six year old who has been so desensitised from death and destruction by violent computer games. No one had to die, the audiences deep attachment to the character of Ahsoka Tano is what made this episode so resinating.

To create a climax like this doesn’t happen over night, it has been building from the moment Ahsoka stepped foot off the shuttle way back in the Clone Wars movie. Back then she seemed like any old smart ass teenager, cracking wise, criticising her superiors and displaying a large amount of immaturity. Over the past five seasons we’ve seen her evolve from that young innocent girl to a mature young woman who is now questioning her own character and taking her first independent steps towards a new future. I’d like to personally thank Dave Filoni and the entire Clone Wars team, not only for creating such an incredible female character who has become a role model for boys and girls alike, but also for their consistent effort in bringing us such an phenomenal show week in and week out. So thank you for Ahsoka and thank you for the Clone Wars!

First Meeting

Last but certainly not least, I’d be doing a disservice to the Star Wars fan community if I didn’t mention that strong rumours from credible sources are claiming that as it stands The Clone Wars has no future broadcast home. This could mean that potentially we may never see season six which is already well into production. But we can make a difference. It is now up to us fans to get the word out to the Disney executives and show them how much this show means to us. Send emails, sign petitions and most importantly write physical letters adressed to Bob Iger. Let your voice be heard! Check out the latest episode of RebelForce Radio to hear what you can do to save the Clone Wars.

Use this mail adress, courtesy of RebelForce Radio hosts Jason Swank and Jimmy Mac.

Disney Studios
500 S Buena Vista St
Burbank, CA 91521
Attn: Bob Iger

Thank you for reading,

Beau Preston