T-Shirt Designs, Week 1: ‘Meditation’

Meditating MaulMeditationg maul shirt

It’s coming to that time of the year when university finally goes back. Last year I found my commitment to art for pleasure died off as assignment time rolled in. To keep me in a creative frame of mind I’ve decided to try and create at least one cool T-shirt design per week. The designs will range from what ever I feel like at the time, although don’t be surprised if I feel like Star Wars most of the time…

This shirt ‘Meditation’, is a combination of my fascination of Japanese art and my passion for Star Wars. This was originally a sharpie drawing which I scanned then manipulated on my 30 day free trial on photoshop. This shirt was originally intended for a competition on the WeLoveFine website however since I live outside the USA, I’m not eligible to enter. I’d like to thank Rebel Force Radio for announcing the competition on their podcast, if it wasn’t for them I certainly would never of come up with this design. Hosts Jason Swank and Jimmy Mac are guest judging the competition I’m interested to see what they choose as their favorite.

Please if anyone has any questions or comments feel free to send them on and I’d be glad to answer. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.