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The Western Air Temple

Part 3  A Fire Nation Balloon gracefully floats past the ancient ruins of the Western Air Temple

The Desolation of Smaug

Part 2  Smaug and the Lonely Mountain  

Skywalker Sunset

    Part 1 Sunset at the Lars homestead on the desert sands of Tatooine.  Here is the first in what will eventually be a nine part series. Each is hand drawn with… Continue reading

Hearts a Mess Sunrise

  Just some late night tomfoolery.

Summer vs Winter

    This collage brings together two of my christmas holidays, Tasmania Australia and Michigan USA. 2012 was spent in Tasmania, during that time I experienced extreme heat and deadly bush fires. 2013 was spent… Continue reading

Hearts a Mess 2

Expanding on past work, I found myself recreating my old ‘Hearts a Mess’ drawing. I find it so fascinating to watch my skills and interests evolve over time. Looking back at my original drawing,… Continue reading

Find me on Instagram

I know I’m late , I tried to avoid it for so long but finally I’ve caved. I joined Instagram… Stay up to date with all my drawings as they happen by giving me… Continue reading

Bitch. Slut. Whore. ~ Fault: The Gender Issue

“FAULT, The Gender Issue, explores how men and women are portrayed in society. History has stereotyped perceptions about gender roles, this issue will exemplify the dichotomy between the blurring of masculinity and femininity, and the resistance to… Continue reading

The Force Awakens

  Still have over a year to go but when finally have the tittle for our new Star Wars film. Interesting tittle I suppose, it sounds a little passive but who am I… Continue reading

Tough Heart

  Today was my first day off in a while. Now when I say day off, I mean a day where I don’t have work. A day where I don’t have a million assignments… Continue reading

Fault – Skull Page

  This piece was created as an additional page for my design classes magazine ‘Fault’. This creation began life as two separate, black and white  pen drawings, which was then cobbled together in photoshop… Continue reading


  The last in a little series of drawings. I drew this at the start of the year but never got around to posting it. I’ll put together a post with all the… Continue reading

Classic 90’s

  Bringing back the childhood favourite, Aku Aku, or as I used to call him Ogga Boogga. Originating from the ‘Crash Bandicoot’ game series, Aku Aku is an ancient spirit trapped within a mask.… Continue reading

Stormtrooper. Stormtrooper. Stormtrooper…

  Just a quick photoshop job. I needed my Star Wars fix…  

Design Project: 1ST Visual – Crayon on Skull

  Here’s the first completed visual for my design project. I’ve got until next week to submit my final spreads, so I’ll talk more about this image in subsequent posts.  

Design Project: 1st Draft

                This semester at university, I’ve taken a graphics design course as an elective. The project is, to as a class, create a magazine. Each student… Continue reading

Tesselate: Stormtrooper

  It has been a while since my last post. In the past month I’ve gained two jobs and started back at university. Now that’s not to say I haven’t been creative. I’ve… Continue reading

Possessed Teddy Bear the First

    A possessed teddy bear drawing on my birthday… Just cause.

“Fire and Blood” – House Targaryen

The Unsullied have almost become as synonymous with House Targaryen as the iconic dragon. Hidden within the silhouette of this Unsullied helmet are the sigil’s of six houses in Game of Thrones, enjoy!

Finn Arthur and the Black Knight

        Here’s my mash-up of  ‘Monty Python’s and The Holy Grail’ and ‘Adventure Time’ . I recreated one of my favorite scenes staring Jake as Patsy, and Finn as Arthur, King… Continue reading


  Gotta catch ’em all, Pokemon.

Pokémon Battle Royale

  The high flying Hitmonlee, takes on the lightning speed of Hitmonchan, in an all out, old school, gentlemanly wrestling bout. Two of my childhood favourite Pokémon, it took years for me to realise their english… Continue reading

Graphic Evolutions

From pen, to scan, to colour, to manipulation.   A Game of Thrones House Stark Sigil   ~Tesselate Stark~    

Sugar Skull

Bar tending in Sydney’s often chaotic Kings Cross district, has allowed me to meet many colourful and interesting people. Drunks, drug addicts and other questionable characters aside, I met a nice Swedish girl working… Continue reading

May The 4th Be With You

Happy Star Wars day. Please enjoy my Star Wars goodness #starwarsday

Gods can’t forgive

**** Game of Thrones Spoilers for episodes proceeding Season 4 Episode 3****     Once again it’s that time of the week, Thrones time. Following last seasons ‘Red Wedding’, reminders of the Late… Continue reading

The North Remembers

  **** Game of Thrones Spoilers for episodes proceeding Season 4 Episode 2****     It seems weddings in Westeros are never a dull affair (except sometimes by Dothraki standards), the purple wedding… Continue reading

Highlights from the early days

A compilation of my early experimentation with digital imagery.

Second GIF: Imperial Cog

So here’s take two. Still simple, but at least it wont cause a seizures.

First GIF

Just playing with GIFs, sorry if this causes any seizures.

Painting with Waterpaint

      So I tried experimenting with some water paint for the first time since early high school. If I’d known it would just turn out like my other drawings, I might… Continue reading

New Pokémon: The Dapper Trio

    Following my last Pokémon appropriation, I now present the Dapper Trio. I imagine if the Dapper Trio were real, the Pokédex would read something like this… The Dapper Trio, the evolved form of Dugtrio. The… Continue reading

Michigan State

Since arriving back in Australia, hardly a day has gone by that I haven’t thought about my time in Michigan. Whether by site of a glass ornament, word of winter, or Facebook post… Continue reading

Who’s that Pokemon?

Feeling a little nostalgic… Surfing through the monotonous memes, pictures and status’s on Facebook, I chance upon a classic image from my childhood.  Those who grew up watching the first season of Pokemon… Continue reading

Espresso Martini

He’s a concept design for a Espresso  Martini poster.

Imperial Propaganda


Mardi Gras 2014

Here’s hoping everyone had a safe and enjoyable Mardi Gras 2014 in Sydney last night. Although the rain bucketed down, nothing could dampen the spirits of those there to celebrate, and promote equality… Continue reading

Steam Heart

Interpretation by a young American I met in a Michigan Public school – “As time goes on slowly, this broken heart will repair its self. But only time can tell us when it… Continue reading


    Drawing in Michigan, a simple dreamcatcher.